Thank you for making this 25-foot lead for me. The material is comfortable on the hands, but can handle the wear and tear of tracking in the field, and it does not mildew. The color is perfect, so if I put it down in the grass, I can see it!

Betty Padgett & Tarquinn (wearing Raspberry & Purple custom 25-foot long line)

Hawley, PA

I love my Purple & Olive Rocket Dog leash. I have at least 12 leashes, different sizes and colors. I can wear them around my waist and I have one a bit longer that I can use for skiing if needed.

Randi and Moxie Falls (wearing Round Braid Convertible Lead, XL, Purple & Olive)

Wolcott, VT

Phoebe loves her Rocket Dog flat braid convertible leash, and so do I. It is her reward at the end of an agility run, and we tug on it together after we leave the ring. I have washed all my Rocket Dog leashes in the washing machine many times and they always come out looking clean and new.

Kate Carter and Phoebe (with Flat Braid Convertible Lead, XL, Purple & Gray) Waterbury Center, VT

We got our original Rocket Dog leash four years ago and it is still in use today. These leashes are durable, multi-functional, handmade products. We now have four leashes so we can mix and match Oliver's color schemes. Our favorite is the Red, White, and Blue which we got for Independence Day. We love these leashes!

Peter Karytko & Oliver (wearing Round Braid Convertible Lead, XL, Red, White & Blue)

Brookline, MA

We love our Rocket Dog leashes! From the array of color and size options to the quality of workmanship in every single leash, there’s no other leash for my active and busy dogs. Best yet, when the leashes get a little dirty they machine wash beautifully. They come out looking new!

Erica Ferland with Kippy and Muppet (wearing purple & lime round braid lead and hunter green and burgundy round braid lead)

Essex, VT

These are the best leashes I have found money can buy. I tried many different brands while my 8 month old pup was working through a phase of “attack the leash” every walk. I decided to spend a little extra to get this leash and hope that it could hold up to the attacks.

Not only did it hold up to her attacks, we have finally worked past that phase and this is just an all around great leash. From day to day walks, to hiking the Green Mountains our Rocket Leash has done it all now. I can not say enough good things about the quality of these, the braiding on the rope is phenomenal it is comfortable in hand and gives a great grip. The brass hardware has held up perfectly in rough conditions. It is always nice to know that your leash is a collar/lead in case needed as well.

I will never buy another leash, customer for life.

Ian M. – December 26, 2018

These are my absolute favorite leashes, hands down, no comparison. They’re lightweight, easy to use, the cork stoppers are sturdy and don’t wear down. They also stay fairly clean without much maintenance but can be thrown in the wash. The colors stay vibrant even after years of use. I can’t say enough good things about these leashes, I’m thankful for their existence.

Grayson Trevett – July 12, 2020