About Rocket Dog


... there were two friends, Beth (the human) and Lizzy (the dog). Beth, being environmentally conscious, inventive, and entrepreneurial, was determined to make the perfect dog toy for Lizzy. She made prototypes for Lizzy to "try out" on her own and also with her doggie pals down at the local park. It didn’t take long for Beth to hone in on a dog toy that Lizzy found irresistible—The Bonker BallTM—and the rest, as they say, is history. Lizzy loved her Bonker BallTM so much that she carried it proudly everywhere she went. Every time Beth and Lizzy went to the park, someone would ask, "Where did you get that cool dog toy?" and "Where can I get one?" This got Beth thinking about commerce, and quality dog toys for beloved pets, and being creative, which all led to the idea of marketing the Bonker BallTM. Thanks to Lizzy, Rocket Dog was launched in 1997, and now we are exploding with quality dog leashes, collars, and toys (including the original convertible leads by Rocket Dog of Vermont), handmade beaded dog collars, and beautiful handmade dog-themed jewelry.

A special thanks to the Trapp Family Lodge for the use of their beautiful property in Stowe, Vermont, where we photographed many of the doggie models wearing Rocket Dog of Vermont leashes and collars.